Prenatal Series

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You will discover your own birth desires, make a postpartum super mom plan, and move naturally. You and your partner will role play various labor and delivery scenarios, learn movement and comfort techniques that work for you as a pair, and integrate your favorite relaxation tools into your pregnancy training. This series is over 4 classes.

What You Will Get…

  • The BIRTHFIT Definition

  • Your Fears, Your Loves, & Your Desires

  • Breath Work

  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology

  • History of Birth & What The Heck is Going on Today

  • Stages of Labor

  • Navigating Through Routine Medical Practices

  • Pain vs. Suffering

  • Complications and Emergencies

  • Juicy, Innate Movement & Mobility that You can Use Now

  • Discovering Your Partner’s Role

  • Postpartum Queen In Training

Prenatal Series $235